Workshops, Retreats & Resources

Workshops for Organizations 

We develop workshops and seminars tailored to the organization’s needs. Our aim is to train professionals interested in developing their awareness of and facility in interpersonal skills; boundaries; creating healthy working groups; understanding trauma, neurobiology and attachment; therapeutic skills; mental health issues; personal wellness; yoga; and parenting.

Some workshops presented have included:

Please contact us if you would like us to prepare a training for your organization or group. 

Workshops for Clients 

We believe that people are the drivers of their own healing and that they have everything they need inside of them to move towards health and vitality; it is just that they need to be directed how to access this wealth of information residing inside. Education can help people understand at an intellectual level the work we are doing in psychotherapy or yoga therapy. This understanding often translates to trusting their experience of the modalities we are using and they can then verify if that technique is working as it should or if there is modification needed. We “understand” at many levels, but in our society we value most the level of the intellect.

Neurobiology does not change with simply understanding concepts; it changes with the experience and practice of the concepts. Workshops we offer can help people start to move towards being open to these experiences and practices as they understand their rationale. Once they understand in the intellect, they may be more willing to allow the other ways of knowing – through the body and intuition – to lead them to health and happiness.

Parenting the Extreme Teen

Please inquire about upcoming dates

A four-part series of workshops to help parents with common teen anxieties, and more extreme teen issues such as substance use, self-harm, truancy, and mental health issues.

You will learn:

  • How to respond rather than react
  • How to influence rather than control
  • To set limits from boundaries and values
  • To improve your relationship with your teen
  • To increase the respect has for you and otherS

Trauma and Neurobiologically Informed Relational Psychotherapy

Trauma and Neurobiologically Informed Relational Psychotherapy: A seminar for Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Doctors, Nurses and Counsellors.

Biweekly Fridays in September 2020-February 2020.


A 10 week seminar for professionals interested in learning more about practicing Relational Psychotherapy that is grounded in recent research and evolving theory informed by neurobiological insight and concomitant theories around treating trauma.

In this seminar, we will read about and then discuss where Relational theories intersect and diverge from emerging Neurobiological and Trauma based theories and how to put this all into practice.

There will be opportunities for experiential practice sessions and personal reflection on how these seminars are shaping and reshaping the ways that you practice and how this is impacting the healing process of your clients.

Participants should be prepared to delve deeply into assigned texts and to reflect on and then discuss these in relation to themselves and their work. Participants should also be prepared to fully participate in experiential aspects of the seminar, (i.e. practice therapy, linking self to practice) open to the possibilities and growth that sharing vulnerably offers.

10 week seminar – 3 hours/seminar

$880 + HST

$80 + HST Non refundable deposit to register

$400 + HST Due September 1, 2020

$400 + HST Due December 1, 2020

Our Mission

To provide clients with an accepting, friendly space to discover their healing path and to develop therapeutic relationships that sustain, inspire and guide them.

To provide clients with highly skilled, self responsible and self aware psychotherapists and yoga therapists who are always striving to learn about advancements in their fields and to continually develop themselves.

To create psychoeducational opportunities for clients to empower them to learn about their symptoms and how they can move towards healing and growth.

To provide innovative training programs that develop highly competent, self aware, self responsible, and inspiring psychotherapists and yoga therapists.