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Psychotherapy Health and Safety Protocols

In-Person Session Health and Safety Protocols

March 2023

-Our psychotherapy team has returned to in-person sessions.

– We believe strongly in self-responsibility, so we will trust that you will decide for yourself if you feel comfortable to join in an in-person session, and your request for in-person sessions indicates that you are comfortable with our health and safety protocols.

– We ask that everyone self-screen and only come to the session if you are cleared by this screening to attend.

– Please stay home if you are feeling unwell or fail the self-screening. If you wish to continue with your appointment virtually, please contact us to indicate the session will be virtual instead of in-person.

– Our team members will self screen every morning, and if they feel they may have symptoms or have had contact with someone with symptoms, they will send you an email in the morning indicating that the session has been changed to a virtual session.

– It will be mandatory to sanitize your hands upon entering our locations.

– Psychotherapists will wear a mask if requested by a client. Similarly, our psychotherapist can request that a client wears a mask.

– We will keep the windows open for fresh air circulation and/or we will have air purifiers running throughout the session time.

– Washrooms are public and are cleaned by the building management. Washrooms are cleaned weekly, so please use your discretion when using them.

– We will ask that everyone bring their own drinking container for water.

– All high-contact surfaces (door handles, hooks, etc.) will be regularly sanitized throughout the day.

– If you have any health and safety concerns, please bring these to our attention, and we will be happy to discuss.