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Find ways to cope with self-harming behavior.

Self-harm is defined as the deliberate act of hurting yourself, usually through cutting. Self-harm is usually a sign of intense distress or anxiety, and a person might do it to numb the emotional pain they are experiencing. They may also self-harm to maintain feelings of control when they do not have agency over certain parts of their life.

Self-Harm Therapist in Collingwood, Ontario

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Self-Harm Therapist in Collingwood, Ontario
Although self-harm is not the same as a suicide attempt, some who self-harm also try to commit suicide. However, most people who self-harm do not want to end their life, but these actions can still endanger their physical and mental health. If these behaviors are left untreated, they can go on for many years.
If you struggle with self-harm, we want you to know there is a way to stop these behaviors and live a happier, fulfilled life. As you work with a self-harm therapist at Collingwood Psychotherapy & Yoga Centre, they will help you find ways to cope instead of harming yourself and dig deeper into the emotional issues and trauma causing you to self-harm.

Your self-harm therapist will provide helpful, compassionate guidance and a listening ear. They will also be there for you every step of the way as you work through the difficulties causing you to self-harm and find a way forward to a happier life in Collingwood, Ontario. To set up an appointment with a self-harm therapist or to learn more about our therapy practice, reach out to us today.

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