YOGA PSYCHOLOGY INTENSIVE: Treading a Path to the Self

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An experiential Yoga Psychology Course for Self Healing and Growth (ONLINE)

Facilitator: Tara McGee

Dates: 10 Saturdays,  October 21-December 30, 2023(No class November 18). Recording will be available after the class

Time: 7:45am-9:00am

Cost: $200/person (includes tax) REDUCED from $350.00!


What: An experiential yoga psychology online 10-week course for self healing and growth. Recordings will be sent out after the class.

You will learn:

  • How to experientially integrate and embody some theories and philosophies of yoga psychology, and yoga therapy that relate to mental health.
  • How to travel this wisdom path towards health, higher levels of consciousness and wellbeing on a daily basis


  • 15-30 minute theory seminar
  • 1 hour – 1 hour 15 minute yoga practice to embody the theory
  • Yoga techniques include asana, pranayama, pratiahara, meditation, internal journeys, visualization, bhavana, mantra, mudra, sound and more.
  • Because the seminar is so short and there is a lot of information to cover, there will be no discussion or questions during class
  • Please send questions after via email. They will be responded to and answers sent to whole class.
  • Thorough notes will be sent after class to help you integrate the material
  • You may access the recording after the session and use the practices to develop your own daily practice


  • Intro to the energetic layers or sheaths (Mayas) surrounding Self 
  • Using yogic tools to work with the annamaya (physical sheath) and pranamaya (life force sheath), manomaya (mental sheath) and vijnanamaya (wisdom sheath) to clear energetic blocks and move you closer to becoming established in Anandamaya (Bliss)
  • Working with the subtle bodies (Vayus, Agni, Nadis, Cakra)
  • Understanding the Vayus –  energetic forces that move in a specific direction to control bodily functions, mental functions and activities.
  • Understanding how the primary vayus  have an impact on mental health and how to work with them
  • Understanding the Gunas and how they relate to neurobiology
  • Ashtanga Yoga as a systematic path for healing at all levels of the being
  • Comparing, contrasting and integrating psychotherapeutic theories into Yogic tools, practices and philosophies


  • Please have audio off and chats will not be responded to.
  • Please have video ON (you will not be recorded). Video being on allows me to be able to adjust the practice as needed because I can watch you practice and see if the practice is having the effect that is intended or if I need to alter it to address class needs.

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