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We help children and teens through psychotherapy.

You may think that adulthood presents some of life’s biggest challenges. And although that may be true, children and teens also struggle with issues that affect their performance in school, their mental health, and their happiness. As youth therapists in the Collingwood, Ontario area, we are here to help your child learn effective coping mechanisms, work through their struggles, and improve their mental health with our compassionate guidance and support.

Youth Therapist

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Youth Therapist

We realize that seeing a youth therapist, especially for the first time, can be a confusing, discomfiting situation for many children and teens. At Collingwood Psychotherapy & Yoga Centre, we work hard to maintain a comfortable, inviting environment where your child will feel able to sit down or go for a walk, talk, and receive support form our highly qualified psychotherapists.

We recognize that regaining and sustaining mental health is an ongoing process that requires a variety of strategies depending on the youth’s life phase and situation. This is why our youth therapists provide a variety of services that allow our patients to maintain their dignity and humanity during every phase of growth and development. We alter our strategy based on every child or teenager’s situation and issues, and we are always here to lend a listening ear and provide helpful guidance.

Having your child or teenager see a youth therapist may be one of the best things you do for their mental health. Set up your appointment today with one of our psychotherapists by contacting our office.

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Our Mission

To provide clients with an accepting, friendly space to discover their healing path and to develop therapeutic relationships that sustain, inspire and guide them.

To provide clients with highly skilled, self responsible and self aware psychotherapists and yoga therapists who are always striving to learn about advancements in their fields and to continually develop themselves.

To create psychoeducational opportunities for clients to empower them to learn about their symptoms and how they can move towards healing and growth.

To provide innovative training programs that develop highly competent, self aware, self responsible, and inspiring psychotherapists and yoga therapists.