Our blog at the Collingwood Psychotherapy and Yoga Centre has been created to share our perspectives, experiences and passions for: healing trauma; improving relationships; cultivating the connection to the Self; the journey of parenting; developmental neurobiology; yoga therapy; yoga psychology; and other observations we might have that are related to healing and personal growth. No matter where you are in your life, engaging with the healing practices and therapeutic relationships we offer at CPYC, can help you live more authentically, with more health, with more choices, with less suffering, more satisfying relationships and deeper joy. We hope our reflections can inspire, nurture and support you as you move along this beautiful, challenging, human journey.
Psychotherapy for Couples in Collingwood, Ontario

What does it mean to “Hold the Container”?

To understand this strategy, we need to reflect on what the metaphor is implying. A container is composed of walls and the space inside. The space inside is contained by the walls of the container so that something can be held within. In this metaphor, the walls are...
Marta Borges

Welcome, Marta, to Our Team!

We are excited to announced that Marta Borges will join our practice as our newest psychotherapist. Born in Brazil, raised in Portugal, educated in the U.S., and rooted in Canada, Marta initiated her path to becoming a psychotherapist when she moved to Montana to...