Our blog at the Collingwood Psychotherapy and Yoga Centre has been created to share our perspectives, experiences and passions for: healing trauma; improving relationships; cultivating the connection to the Self; the journey of parenting; developmental neurobiology; yoga therapy; yoga psychology; and other observations we might have that are related to healing and personal growth. No matter where you are in your life, engaging with the healing practices and therapeutic relationships we offer at CPYC, can help you live more authentically, with more health, with more choices, with less suffering, more satisfying relationships and deeper joy. We hope our reflections can inspire, nurture and support you as you move along this beautiful, challenging, human journey.
Welcome Sarah to our Team

Welcome Sarah to our Team

Welcome Sarah to our Team We are thrilled to be adding a new member to our psychotherapy team, Sarah Thomas, who will be joining our team in December.  Sarah is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) who completed her undergrad degree in honours psychology at...
Relationships and Self Practice: Part 1

Becoming a Canuck!

Becoming a Canuck! Sharon, Office Manager with Canada Official at Citizenship Ceremony I recently became a Canadian Citizen and thought I’d share my experience on becoming part of “Team Canada”. I emigrated to Ontario in 2014 with my husband and daughter from a small...

Be Here Now – 2 simple practices

Be Here Now – 2 Simple Practices Author: Tara McGee, MSW, RSW, DipTIRP Psychotherapist, OCSWSSW Despite the fact that I’m a psychotherapist/yoga therapist, even I become stressed out, despite knowing so many ways to relax! In those moments, for me to remember...