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Deeper Therapy: Programs for Professional Healers and Teachers

At the Collingwood Psychotherapy and Yoga Centre, our professional development programs are designed to deepen your ability to truly see, accept and own your Self. The journey to the Self may at times be steep and at other times, it will be deeply enlivening, however, the profound changes and shifts you will experience from participating in our programs will result in deeper levels of confidence, creativity, clarity, competence, courage and connection to who you truly are. You will see your clients flourish and you will know the power of the connection to Self. 

As therapists, our Self is the tool through which we translate whatever healing modality we employ. Therefore, it is essential that we are in touch with our “tool” and how it works, how we can use it and its limitations. Because we are human, we all have obstacles or blocks to complete health and healing, however, it is our ability to connect to the Self within that allows us to most effectively transmit healing and learning to those we serve. Without a connection to our Self, no matter how good we are at the “tools”, healing cannot occur and those we serve continue to suffer. When we connect to the Self, suddenly our clients begin to grow and experience better outcomes.

If you are ready to deepen your connection to your Self and to your clients, we are ready to work with you.

Deepening your Psychotherapy Practice with Yogic Tools: A Lecture and Practice Series

Facilitator: Tara McGee

Dates: 6 Mondays: October 16 – November 20, 2023

Time: 10:30am-11:45am

Cost: $300 + HST


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What: Join Tara for an online, 6 class lecture series considering Yoga Psychology theories and practices that are similar to and that go beyond psychotherapy theories and practices to help you and your clients go deeper.

In this course, you will learn how yoga philosophy conceptualizes health, and the role energy and yogic tools play in the process of healing. Many psychotherapists and psychotherapy modalities employ yogic tools such as breath, movement, parts work, mindfulness, mantra without fully understanding the depth or context of these practices and how to apply them to the individual. In this course, we will provide deeper context for these concepts from a yogic perspective and delve into practicing these concepts ourselves so that we can apply them more consciously and effectively with our clients. 

This is a short seminar followed by a short practice so to get through the material, there will be no opportunity for questions or comments during the class – you will be asked to send reflections and questions after each class which will be responded to by email and shared with the class (without your name) to expand the learning of the class as a whole. Please keep microphones off during the entire session but keep video on. 

This course is suitable for mental health practitioners, people in other healing professions and yoga teachers.

Intensive for Healers: Deepen your connection to Self

Facilitator: Tara McGee 

Dates:  5 days – October 2-6, 2023

Time: 8am-6pm (varies)

Cost: $2500 (includes tax)

Where: TBD – Near Creemore

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  Who: This intensive is for people in the healing professions and teachers who are serious about doing intensive healing work with themselves. They recognize that they are either burnt out, have lost their confidence, or feel they are not embodying the health that they are promoting. People who participate are passionate about the work they do with others and they want to do the best work possible. These people recognize that being in contact with the Self will help them to transmit the healing they would like to transmit to their clients or students.

What: The Intensive will include yoga practices (movement/poses (asana), breath work (pranayama), meditation and visualization practices, and intensive psychotherapy sessions in a group environment. Psychotherapy sessions will be held in a group space where the energy of the group supports the individual’s work and the individual’s work supports the group.

Purpose: The purpose of the intensive is to assist you to develop your levels of consciousness and to work to help you move closer to deeply and thoroughly healing your trauma imprints and energetic blocks from this lifetime and the lineages.

Risks: This work can be confronting, enlivening, painful, joyful, frightening, triggering, clarifying, confusing, lightening, loving, angering, compassionate and so much more; please be prepared for anything to emerge and come to the intensive with the intention to be open to new ways of experiencing yourself and the world and to be open to grow.

Insurance: This therapeutic experience is facilitated by a Registered Social Worker – can be claimed on insurance if your insurance covers Social workers.

Daily schedule: Generally 8am-6pm but it will be determined based on what is happening in the process so it will change as needed – please book off the entire time and keep evening responsibilities light for integrating the day and to allow for a longer afternoon session if we need to go over time. Yoga practice will always start the day and will end the day as needed. Please be on the mat in the morning promptly at 8:00am.

Cell phones: are to be used ONLY for music during sessions. Please make a conscious effort not to busy yourself with cell phone use during breaks or lunches. The purpose is to be present with yourself and the group and often we dissociate by engaging the phone instead of our lives.

Workshops for Organizations 

We develop workshops and seminars tailored to the organization’s needs. Our aim is to train professionals interested in developing their awareness of and facility in

  • the use of self in psychotherapy
  • interpersonal and therapeutic skills;
  • boundaries;
  • creating healthy working groups;
  • understanding trauma, neurobiology and attachment;
  • yoga psychology;
  • parenting.
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Some workshops presented have included: