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Deeper Therapy: Programs for Professional Healers and Teachers

As therapists, our Self is the tool through which we translate whatever healing modality we employ. Therefore, it is essential that we are in touch with our “tool” and how it works, how we can use it and its limitations. Because we are human, we all have obstacles or blocks to complete health and healing and it is our personal work to clear these blocks that creates our ability to connect to the Self within. Closer connection to Self allows us to more effectively transmit healing and learning to those we serve. Without a connection to our Self, no matter how good we are at the “tools”, healing cannot occur and those we serve continue to suffer. When we connect to the Self, suddenly our clients begin to grow and experience better outcomes.

At the Collingwood Psychotherapy and Yoga Centre, our professional development programs are designed to deepen your ability to dismantle the blocks so that you can truly see, accept and own your Self. The journey to the Self may at times be steep and at other times, it will be deeply enlivening. The profound changes and shifts you will experience from participating in our programs will result in higher levels of confidence, creativity, clarity, competence, courage and connection to who you truly are. You will see your clients flourish and you will know the power of the connection to Self. 

If you are ready to deepen your connection to your Self and to your clients, we are ready to work with you.

Treading a Path to the Self: An experiential Yoga Psychology Course for Self Healing and Growth (ONLINE) - SERIES B

Facilitator: Tara McGee

Dates: 25th April – 5th June 2024 (8 weeks)

Time: 9:30am – 10:45am

Cost: $300/person (includes tax) 


Who: This course is suitable for anyone interesting in understanding their own yoga practice more deeply in order to integrate the effects of the practice when they are applied to the right person, at the right time, in the right order.

What: 8 weeks of Online, live yoga classes with short seminar on yoga psychology topic. Recordings will be sent out after class is over and yoga practices that were recorded can be used throughout the week to help you develop a personal practice.


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You will learn:

  • We will learn how yogic tools can be employed to work with the Manomaya (lower mind) and the Vijnanamaya (higher/intuitive mind) to offer even more tools to clear the path to the Self within.
  • We will come to understand the linkages between the theories of the Gunas and recent neurobiological theories and how to work with these form a yogic lens
  • We will gain a preliminary understanding of the path of Ashtanga yoga


  • 15-30 minute theory seminar
  • 45 minutes -1 hour yoga practice to embody the theory
  • Yoga techniques include asana (poses and movement), pranayama (breath work), pratiahara (initial phase of meditation- withdrawal of senses), dharana (another form of meditation involving focus on an “object”), internal journeys, bhavana (visualizations), mantra, mudra, chanting, sound and more.
  • Because the seminar is so short and there is a lot of information to cover, there will be no discussion or questions during class; Please send questions after class via email.
  • Thorough notes will be sent after class to help you integrate the material
  • I encourage you to access the recording after the session and to use the practices to develop your own daily practice. The energy work that yoga offers has a cumulative effect. In order to experience the effect the Yoga Sutra tells us that we must work with enthusiasm, in the right direction, with the right focus for a long period of time. I offer these classes as a way for you to begin this process of developing a practice that is right for you.


  • To be published.


  • Please have audio off and chats will not be responded to.
  • Please have video ON (you will not be recorded). Video being on allows me to be able to adjust the practice as needed because I can watch you practice and see if the practice is having the effect that is intended or if I need to alter it to address class needs.

Workshops for Organizations 

We develop workshops and seminars tailored to organizational needs. Our aim is to train professionals interested in developing their awareness of and facility in:

  • the use of self in psychotherapy;
  • working with trauma in yoga and psychotherapy modalities;
  • interpersonal and therapeutic skills;
  • boundaries;
  • creating healthy working groups;
  • understanding trauma, neurobiology and attachment;
  • yoga psychology;
  • parenting.
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Some workshops presented have included: