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Couples Psychotherapy, Collingwood, ON

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Build a stronger relationship with couples psychotherapy.

You and your partner want to stay together and build a healthy, strong, and fulfilling relationship. But you may have issues with communication, trust, or compatibility that threaten the strength and long-term viability of your marriage or partnership. If your current relationship is plagued with silence, fights, or other issues, there is always hope and a way to move forward.

Couples Psychotherapy in Collingwood, Ontario

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Couples Psychotherapy in Collingwood, Ontario


At Collingwood Psychotherapy & Yoga Centre, we recommend seeking couples psychotherapy if you are struggling with any part of your relationship with your spouse or partner, the earlier, the better. Located in Collingwood, Ontario, we have helped many couples work through their issues in a dignified, respectful, and helpful manner, and we can do the same for you, so you experience greater contentment and connection in your relationship.

More than anything, we want to dispel the myth that couples psychotherapy is only for partners on the brink of divorce or separation. Psychotherapy can benefit you and your partner or spouse at any phase of your relationship, whether you are newly married, in the thick of your career and life at home with children, or getting closer to retirement or are retired. We will adjust our strategy to provide the guidance and support that will benefit your relationship the most in a comfortable, caring, and compassionate environment. Coming to couples therapy before the issues between you become untenable, and making the commitment to “do the work” to shift your part of the relational dynamic, can help you develop and cultivate a supportive and loving relationship and is a positive investment in your future as a couple.

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Our Mission

To provide clients with an accepting, friendly space to discover their healing path and to develop therapeutic relationships that sustain, inspire and guide them.

To provide clients with highly skilled, self responsible and self aware psychotherapists and yoga therapists who are always striving to learn about advancements in their fields and to continually develop themselves.

To create psychoeducational opportunities for clients to empower them to learn about their symptoms and how they can move towards healing and growth.

To provide innovative training programs that develop highly competent, self aware, self responsible, and inspiring psychotherapists and yoga therapists.