Treading the Path to Self - Series B

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An experiential Yoga Psychology Course for Self Healing and Growth (ONLINE)

Facilitator: Tara McGee

Dates: 8 Thursdays,  April 25 -June 27, 2024. Recording will be available after the class

Time: 9:30am-10:45am

Cost: $300/person (includes tax) 


What: Recreational yoga works primarily with the Physical body, however, to go deeper into the Self and to address not only physical complaints, but also physiological and psychological conditions, we need to work intentionally and intelligently with the deeper energetic layers of our being, the Panca Maya. In Series A, we explored working with the Prana Maya, or the energy body which is one of the 5 sheaths that compose the Panca Maya. In Series B, we will continue our exploration of the Panca Maya, but this time at the levels of the Manomaya (lower mind) and the VIjnanamaya (higher mind).

From my study of yoga, energy work and psychotherapeutic modalities, I have come to believe that all dis-ease whether physical, physiological, mental or spiritual, comes from the same cause: the separation, split or dissociation from Self/Source. Yoga offers an intelligent, time honoured and systematic path to clearing the blockages or obstacles to living a healthy life by clearing the energetic imprints on all the layers of our being that are contributing to this separation. I hope that this course can help you to understand your own yoga practice more deeply and to begin to notice the effects of the practice when they are applied to the right person, at the right time, in the right order.

You will learn:

  • We will learn how yogic tools can be employed to work with the Manomaya (lower mind) and the Vijnanamaya (higher/intuitive mind) to offer even more tools to clear the path to the Self within.
  • We will come to understand the linkages between the theories of the Gunas and recent neurobiological theories and how to work with these form a yogic lens
  • We will gain a preliminary understanding of the path of Ashtanga yoga


  • 15-30 minute theory seminar
  • 45 minutes -1 hour yoga practice to embody the theory
  • Yoga techniques include asana (poses and movement), pranayama (breath work), pratiahara (initial phase of meditation- withdrawal of senses), dharana (another form of meditation involving focus on an “object”), internal journeys, bhavana (visualizations), mantra, mudra, chanting, sound and more.
  • Because the seminar is so short and there is a lot of information to cover, there will be no discussion or questions during class; Please send questions after class via email.
  • Thorough notes will be sent after class to help you integrate the material
  • I encourage you to access the recording after the session and to use the practices to develop your own daily practice. The energy work that yoga offers has a cumulative effect. In order to experience the effect the Yoga Sutra tells us that we must work with enthusiasm, in the right direction, with the right focus for a long period of time. I offer these classes as a way for you to begin this process of developing a practice that is right for you.


  • Week 1: Review of the Panca Maya (energetic layers or sheaths)Intro to the energetic layers or sheaths (Mayas) surrounding Self, with special emphasis on Prana Maya.
  • Week 2-5: Understanding the Manomaya and using yogic tools to work with the Manomaya (lower mind/mental sheath) to clear energetic blocks and move you closer to becoming established in Anandamaya (Bliss)
  • Week 6-8: Understanding the Vijnanamaya and using yogic tools to work with the Vijnanamaya (wisdom sheath) to clear energetic blocks and move you closer to becoming established in Anandamaya (Bliss)
  •  Understanding the Gunas and how they relate to neurobiology
  •  Intro to Ashtanga Yoga as a systematic path for healing at all levels of the being


  • Please have audio off and chats will not be responded to.
  • Please have video ON (you will not be recorded). Video being on allows me to be able to adjust the practice as needed because I can watch you practice and see if the practice is having the effect that is intended or if I need to alter it to address class needs.

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